A deep dive into Millie Court and Chloe Burrows’ messy girls’ holiday to Dubai

My FOMO is so bad rn

Just recently Chloe Burrows and Millie Court moved in together at the end of 2022 in Essex. They have also both just recently broken up with their Love Island boyfriends – Millie won the show in 2021 with Liam and Chloe came second with Toby.

After splitting from their boyfriends, the girls decided to move in with one another. The Love Islanders have been sharing endless TikTok videos and gorgeous photos on their social media and it’s giving me serious FOMO. So let’s take a deep dive into the most iconic girl’s holiday of the century, here’s a look inside Millie Court and Chloe Burrow’s trip to Dubai.

The holiday started when they enjoyed several glasses of champagne

Millie Court and Chloe Burrows saw in the new year together whilst on a messy girl’s holiday to Dubai. Things got off to a boozy start when they both had several glasses of champagne whilst waiting to board their flight at Heathrow. I mean, what other way is there to start your holiday?

Both Millie and Chloe have been sharing jokes videos like boozy TikToks of them getting ready and ripping into each other.


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The social media content has been iconic

Whilst out in Dubai, they went to a Greek restaurants and started smashing plates. Traditionally plate smashing is used to signal the end and the beginning, to ward off evil spirts and to express abundance – very fitting for the holiday of a lifetime. What makes it better though is the fact they were literally smashing plates over each other’s head.

The TikTok lip synching videos have been ART – they’ve both been going so hard for them and it’s not going unnoticed. Also let’s not ignore the fact their outfits have been soooo slay. They dress very well regardless, but the Dubai outfits have been insanely good.


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Last night they had dinner at Nobu, a restaurant known to host the likes of Kim Kardashian, Michelle Keegan, Mark Wright and…Johnny Vegas – all major names. The girls stayed at the Shangri La which is a five star hotel and considered one of Dubai’s most exclusive hotspots.

Now they’ve flown back home after a wild few days and what better way to relax than watching White Lotus on your flight with a glass of champagne.


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