Explained: This is the true story behind the Serbian dancing lady all over your TikTok right now

The video has been viewed millions of times but it’s not new

TikTok has countless trends that come and go and recently we’re all talking about the one Serbian dancing lady who was filmed in the street at night.

Users are saying they’re terrified after the eerie figure was recorded dancing in the street and uploaded on the app. People are trying to work out who the woman is and whether she’s even a real person or a ghost. Here’s everything we know about the true story behind the dancing Serbian woman on TikTok:

The video of the Serbian dancing lady was uploaded to TikTok last month

So the video was posted in February earlier this year by an account with no bio and only @aatc13 for a name. The caption on the video said: “Be careful guys,” followed by the hashtags #dancingladyserbia and #horror.


be careful guys #serbia #dancingladyserbia #horror #zvezdara

♬ Creepy and simple horror background music(1070744) – howlingindicator

The clip has had over 78 million views and over 6.5 million likes. The comments are full of people expressing their fear over the woman and her dancing. Some TikTokers replied saying: “Imagine she turns around and sees you at the window.”

The Serbian dancing lady has become a TikTok meme

So it’s not just people being scared of the Serbian dancing lady, others are also making memes too. One person took the video and added the caption: “When your teacher won’t let you go to the bathroom” but obviously the backing track takes away a lot of the humour and makes you think back to the horror version.

The true story behind the Serbian dancing lady from TikTok

The Serbian dancing lady from TikTok wasn’t fresh footage, it’s actually from 2019. It was first created following local media reports. At the time an eyewitness claimed a woman wearing a national dress had been spotted jumping out in front of cars and people with a knife and making threats. The unidentified witness suggested the woman wasn’t very well and was apparently roaming a busy street before she was caught on camera by people passing.

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