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‘The toxic gossip train’: All the allegations Colleen Ballinger addresses in her weird apology song

‘I won’t survive in the crash but hey, at least you’re having fun’

After weeks of silence, Colleen Ballinger finally addressed the allegations claiming she was involved in inappropriate parasocial relationships with her fans in a weird song on her YouTube channel.

The YouTuber, who is best known for playing Miranda Sings, denied being a “groomer” or a “predator” and instead claimed she was just a “loser” who messaged her fans in an effort to be cool.

Colleen wrote a 10 minute long song where she also played a ukulele and addressed the allegations in a YouTube video posted last night.

In her YouTube song apology, titled “Hi,” she calls her side of the story “the facts.” She also reveals her team strongly advised her to “not say what I want to say,” but she then pointed out they never told her she couldn’t sing.

The chorus of Colleen’s song then goes: “The toxic gossip train. Steamrolled over someone’s reputation. Toxic gossip train, hop on board but close your eyes otherwise you’ll realise that the train is made of lies and that person you despise maybe didn’t deserve to die.”

Discussing her actions, Colleen adds: “I know you wanted me to say that I was 100 percent in the wrong. Well, I’m sorry I’m not gonna take that route of admitting to lies and rumours that you made up for clout. Have I made some joke in poor taste? Yes. Have I made lots of dumb mistakes? Yes. Am I sad that there are some fans who feel betrayed? Yes.”

She then goes on to sing about the fact she’s had so many “vile, horrendous, disgusting, life ruining words” thrown at her since this drama surfaced. Colleen addresses the allegations directly, claiming: “It doesn’t matter that the things aren’t true. everyone just believes that you are the type of person who manipulates and abuses children….I’m not a groomer…I’m not a predator.”

Her apology song video ends with thanking the fans who have continued to support her and realise “sometimes people make mistakes simple because they made a mistake and that mistake doesn’t make them a terrible human. It makes them a human.”

You can stream Colleen’s apology song here:

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