This is the best season of Love Island we’ve had in years and these 38 chaotic memes prove it

Whoever said Sammy’s hair looks like a disguise is going to JAIL

This season of Love Island is on another level of unhinged. Each Islander is serving weird and it’s actually making the best telly of all time. The producers have taken things up one million notches and somehow I feel as though we’re living in a season five era agin.

So in honour of the excellence that is Love Island season 10, here are some of the best and most wild memes so far.

1. Some of the best reactions of all time I fear


3. And I didn’t like the ending

4. Iconic


6. Not a cliff hanger in sight

7. I never want this rollercoaster to end

8. Comedy gold

9. Another level of unhinged

10. End of

— lewys (@lookingforlewys) June 23, 2023

— hall (@chattyreality) June 20, 2023

12. Gorgeous

13. A must

14. It doesn’t feel real

15. The first episode was electric

16. They’re really not

17. I’ll never be over it

18. She’s giving

19. I need a scientific investigation into this

20. This man


22. I am seriously not ready

23. Unfortunately, yes


25. A unique demon hahaha

26. This was them you can’t even lie

27. I couldn’t keep up then and I can’t keep up now

28. She’s so funny for this

29. The reactions are too good


31. The producers and producing

32. Nothing will stop it

33. The best Islander in there rn

34. Ffs

35. The reactions are art

36. She was so real for this

37. I can’t tell if she loves or hates it

38. Literally

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