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Soft living explained: The new, gorgeous way of living that is good for your soul

It sounds like a dream

TikTok loves coming up with new phrases all the time, the latest is soft living. Right now we’re seeing our favourite influencers encourage us to adopt soft living and honestly, it sounds like a dream.

The term is all about slowing down and living a wholesome lifestyle, here’s an explainer of what it means to be soft living your life according to TikTok.

Research by Samsung revealed more than 80 per cent of people in the UK are interested in soft living as a result of the recession, cost of living crisis and prioritising our mental health. So now is the time to embrace it.

Soft living is about taking time to relax, look after yourself, your health and your wellbeing first. People taking part in soft living are the ones who enjoy going for walks, listening to music and reading a load. It’s giving: the person you want to be. The term “soft life” originated in the Nigerian influencer community as slang for living a life of comfort and low stress. The Urban Dictionary says it’s a “life of ease without requiring hard work, sacrifice and unpleasantness.”

Soft lifers will also be cutting back on alcohol, vaping, smoking and instead be embracing a healthy diet. Soft living is about wanting to feel calmer, relaxed and focused on yourself. Happy soft living xxx

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