People on TikTok have worked out how to turn themselves into a cartoon dog and it’s so cute

This is so wholesome

People on TikTok have just discovered a Korean website called Cartoon Dog OC Maker on Picrew and it allows you to turn yourself into a dog from Bluey. It is the cutest thing ever. In case you didn’t know, Bluey follows the adventures of a puppy who lives with her dad, mum and younger sister. In each episode of the cartoon, Bluey uses her energy to play elaborate games. The animation is iconic so this trend has been a long time coming.

Here’s how to work there Cartoon Dog OC Maker on Picrew

Okay so first things first you’ll need to be on the Picrew website which is Korean but you’re able to change the language for it.

If you are on Google then here’s how to change the language. In the search bar click the Google sign which has a “G” on it. Then tap “English” or whichever language you need it translated to.

But if you’re going onto Cartoon Dog OC Maker using Safari then in the search bar click “AA” and then “translate to English” and give the page some time to update. Right, now here’s what the website offers in terms of turning yourself into a character from Bluey.

Cartoon Dog OC Maker picrew

via Picrew

So everyone starts off with the bog standard cartoon. The first option is to add a necklace or not. Then it’s pick your body size and face style followed by choosing a tail. Next is to pick the style of your ears and if you want them fluffy or what. Then the website asks you to pick the paws you want.

You’ll then get to choose your nose shape, mouth shape and stuff like that. And then comes the fun stuff like the props you hold and background.

Then the Cartoon Dog OC Picrew website lets you download your image to upload to TikTok.

You can find the Picrew website here!

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