TikTok just released a new nudge button and it’s weirding people out – here’s why

It’s giving poke from Facebook

TikTok developers have released a new nudge button onto the app and it is freaking some people out. Recently we’ve had an auto-scroll feature and TikTok Trivia so it’s clear the developers are always evolving the app. Here’s everything you need to know about the app’s newest feature.

What does it mean if I nudge someone on TikTok?

The nudge feature on TikTok popped up on the app last summer, however it’s only available for certain users on the app as it’s still being tested by developers at TikTok.

The feature allows users to ask their favourite creators to go live with a click of a button. If someone sends you a nudge, they will automatically be notified with live updates from your account. The new feature is going to be pretty big for content creators who are looking to increase their engagement levels.

How do I nudge someone on TikTok?

To use this feature you must enable it by going into your settings and then clicking “nudge settings.” You can then turn it on and off.

If you want to nudge someone then visit their profile, tap the small bell in the top right corner of your screen. At this point you’ll be given the option to change your live notification settings for that particular user.

Under that you’ll see the button which lets you nudge that creator, asking them to go live. Apparently, the nudge feature wasn’t as big of a hit as the developers at TikTok hoped for and it’s likely because people aren’t sure on how it works. Users that do get it pointed out the nudge button has a similar vibe to Facebook’s hated poke button so they’re not too keen at all.

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