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Debunked: Inside TikTok’s latest theory about having longer hair and being more girly

Short hair girlies are punching walls rn

People on TikTok have come up with a theory all to do with “long hair, no makeup” vs “short hair, makeup” and it’s actually interesting. Here’s everything we know about the long hair vs short hair TikTok theory.

What is the ‘long hair, no makeup’ vs ‘short hair, makeup’ theory?

The main idea behind this theory is that the length of someone’s hair correlates to how feminine they are. So, if you have long hair, you are naturally perceived as more feminine and therefor less required to adhere to feminine beauty standards. Obviously you and I both know this is rubbish and feeling feminine is something internal but people on TikTok are hooked and a lot of them are in awe of the long hair girlies.


Running theory🧐If you have long hair and wear makeup move on pls x #fyp #trending #longhairnomakeup

♬ no. me sue sylvester – sue slayvester 😃😍🚨

So now we understand the feminine concept is one of interpretation, it’s fair to say this theory isn’t legitimate. The way you look doesn’t define your femininity or sexual orientation.


Anyone wanna let me in on the secret #shorthairtheory

♬ original sound – Speed Sounds

TikTok recently gave us another hair theory recently that makes so much more sense. That one was all to do with which hairstyle best suits your face shape, proportions and aesthetic.

The TikTok hair girlies work HARD to give us the science we deserve.

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