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Omg guys, Tesco has launched its own Clubcard wrapped and it’s iconic

I fear how many of us bought an unhealthy amount of Diet Coke last year

Tesco has launched its own 2022 wrapped feature called Clubcard Unpacked and it’s truly the best thing ever. Inspired by Spotify Wrapped, the new feature allows Clubcard users to look back at their shopping habits from the past year and most importantly, their favourite meal deal combinations. If this doesn’t prove why Tesco is the elite supermarket then I don’t know what will – sure it’s a month late, but it’s fun.

Tesco launched the loyalty card back in 1995, so it’s a lot older than what people think. Here’s how you can see your Tesco Unpacked 2022.

How to access your Tesco Unpacked:

• Download the Tesco app

• Log in using your Clubcard details

• Here you will see a section called “Tesco Unpacked”

• Click on that and the app will then play your personalised highlight reel

A few people can’t see their Tesco Unpacked so wait a few hours and then try again later. It seems as though Tesco is slowly rolling out the feature to everyone. If you still don’t have it, chances are you didn’t use your Clubcard enough in 2022.

The Clubcard Unpacked feature tells you a lot about your shopping habits in the last year. Things kick off with a fancy slide about your total savings last year and how many Clubcard points you earned and where you collected them and your top-three most-bought items.

Tesco Unpacked then gets to the reason why we’re all here: the meal deals. You’ll see your favourite meal deals of the year and how much money you saved.

What a fun time!!

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