Saffron Barker upset after fans ask for selfies after she drove into the back of a bus

I need to see these pics now

Saffron Barker never seems to have an easy time of it, she’s part of that YouTube group who grew up posting online. In a recent vlog uploaded to her YouTube video called: “I am a mess, crashing my car, my family is sick and getting my skin micro-needling!” Saffron explains she crashed her car into a bus and fans kept asking for photos.

The vlog takes a dramatic turn from Saffron cleaning her house to a black screen with text saying: “And then I crashed my car :(” Saffron is crying and very upset, she goes on to say how the last few months have been hard for her family with the health of her brother and grandad. She continues: “Sorry guys I’m a bit emosh, I think I’m in a bit of a shock. I crashed my car into a bus and I don’t know how this happened.”

Saffron says: “I’ve been driving my car for four years, I know the size of my car. Basically, I wanted to get around the bus because it was pulled in. I know the size of my car and I went to turn to go around the bus but the wheels didn’t spin and it went straight into the back of the bus. Which is, you know, I shouldn’t be sad obviously because I am so grateful I am not hurt, nobody is hurt but it was just embarrassing as well. I’m signing these insurance papers and oh my god, the amount of people that were asking me to have photos with me whilst I was literally signing these papers and I was so embarrassed and wanted to get out of that moment and my anxiety was through the roof.”

She continues to say it was the most uncomfortable she’s ever felt and people still kept asking for selfies. She says she’s always happy to take photos because she doesn’t like saying no to anyone but it’s how she had to take them whilst swapping insurance details.

The screen goes black again and text pops up: “I was genuinely just so upset because no one cared to help me and just took photos.” Not being funny but I need to see these fan photos immediately.

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