‘Baby girl, go home’: Amber proves the fact 19 is way too young to be going onto Love Island

She’s giving emotionally immature

Love Island’s Amber Wise arrived in Casa Amor earlier this week alongside the other bombshells and after getting to know everyone a bit, it’s clear she’s too young to be on the show. She has little to no emotional maturity and it shows, also some moments are genuinely too cringe to watch when she’s involved.

Last summer we had Gemma Owen who was also 19. There was so much uproar when viewers thought she was going to couple up with Davide and when they shared a passionate kiss on her second night in the villa.


In last night’s episode we had to sit through the world’s most awkward challenge which involved seeing 24-year-old Tyrique and 19-year-old Amber kiss. Obviously she isn’t underage but there should be an age limit when it comes to applying for Love Island. Anyone younger than 21 isn’t mature enough for Love Island and that is a fact. Also, at what point do producers start feeling uncomfortable with allowing their 20-something Islanders to kiss people born in 2004 or later? It’s just a bit gross.

Last night she was crying over Sammy after knowing him for what feels like 20 minutes. I understand why she was upset but respectfully Amber needs to cowgirl up and sort this out. She’s acting like a Fresher who is having a rough night out and all I want to do is give her a pep talk in the club toilets!!

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You’re lying to yourself if you think the best women who go on Love Island are the ones below the age of 21 because that’s just not true. The most iconic women on this show are the ones who are emotionally mature enough to deal with all the drama that comes with it. And I’m afraid to say that’s just not Amber – time for her to go home.

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