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Dan is getting absolutely rinsed for the death stares he pulled on MAFS Australia

He is looking right into my soul

In case you missed it on season 10 of MAFS Australia, Dan has the silliest death stare of all time. It’s like he’s looking directly into your soul – it is creepy.

During one of the reunion episodes earlier this week, Dan’s blank stare reached its absolute peak and so did his weird behaviour. When this season’s cast came together for the final time, we were given loads of gossip, the sexting drama was revealed and we finally got some more detail on Rupert and Dan’s butt dialling antics. But it seems that all anyone could focus on was Dan and his death stare which he was giving to Hugo. Here’s everything we know about the drama that unfolded between the boys.

Sandy accused Dan of not being in the experiment for the right reasons, which he obviously denied. He said he tried to work on their relationship. Then, in an unseen slip, we saw Hugo reveal what Dan allegedly said about Sandy during the infamous butt dial scandal.

This left the brides and grooms shook. Dan even tried to blag his way out of it saying he didn’t remember saying those things. Then it happens. He hit Hugo with the death stare and fans are screaming.

“Dan’s death stare is absolute comedy,” one user wrote on Twitter. Another said: “I was just about to tweet about Dan staring at Hugo when Sandy called him out.”

Since going on MAFS, Dan has publicly apologised to Sandy about his behaviour during the experiment and has wished her the best. In a statement he said: “Sandy and I are worlds apart. From completely separate lives on completely separate journeys. We crossed paths for what was a very small, yet significant moment in time. We enjoyed some great times together and also some challenging times.

“I am sorry for the way I showed up at times. In the end I was frustrated and exhausted and allowed my ego to take over and express myself in ways that were regrettable. And in the process, hurt and disrespected Sandy. I ended up treating the experiment the same way I thought it treated our match – like a joke. I have to own that. The gifts are in the lessons to make the necessary changes to be better. We should have left weeks earlier. You cannot put a bird and a fish together and expect them to fall in love with no common interests or passions. But as one chapter closes, another opens. So spread your wings Sandy and fly high. All the best.”

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