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Fans think Eloise and Jimbo have split after she posted this TikTok about dumping a boy

Why is everyone breaking up???

Eloise Fouladgar posted a cryptic TikTok about breaking up with a boy and now her fans are convinced she and Jimbo Hall have split.

She used the Rotoscope filter and said “Breaking up with a boy” and then she starts dancing as the text changes to “Realising you are the best he will ever get”. Naturally the comment section is in a big panic and fans are distressed to say the least. One person left a comment asking why everyone is breaking up and to be honest, I wish we knew. I am still trying to recover from Kate and Carmie’s split. Not to mention Olivia and Flossie’s friendship coming to an abrupt and dramatic end.

@eloweeseYou got to have self confidence♬ Never Dull Gypsy In My Mind – Never Dull

Jimbo hasn’t uploaded any content since Eloise posted her TikTok onto her account and she hasn’t engaged with any comments either. Eloise and Jimbo started dating in 2018 after they met on Tinder. Since then they’ve been through two versions of the Wave House together and grown huge platforms. They’ve recently just came back from Dubai with one another and they both posted about their holiday together nonstop. Eloise even posted a TikTok where they faked getting engaged to one another – so if they have really split then I am SHOOK.

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