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MAFS Australia’s Harrison made a vile comment about Bronte’s OnlyFans and she’s dragging him

‘Why would I pay to see something I didn’t want when it was free?’

MAFS Australia’s Harrison Boon has taken a nasty dig at his ex-wife Bronte Schofield as their feud continues online.

The 32-year-old former stripper took a swipe at Bronte during a Q&A session on Instagram.

In a response to a question from a follower about whether he’d subscribe to Bronte’s OnlyFans page, he said: “Why would I pay to see something I didn’t want when it was free?”

Bronte didn’t take it lying down though. She responded: “Oh please. H bomb, make your hair line and back the f*** up, we both know this is a lie HAHAHA.”

Harrison then went on to make his feelings about OnlyFans clear. Despite formally being a stripper himself, Harrison said: “Selling nudes to strangers for money is kind of gross, I don’t care what anyone says.

“I could have gone down the OF route. But I’d rather have parents who are proud of me.”

Bronte made a video too where she clapped back. She said: “I look like a f****** pineapple. But let me just say I actually didn’t care that he was a stripper. It’s the fact that he’s throwing shade at me for selling my nudes, selling my body on OnlyFans when he literally goes on boats, goes to bachelorette parties and just whips it out for money. How is that different?”

Harrison’s thoughts come after Bronte revealed she cashed in more than $100,000 in her first three days on the platform.

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