Enough is enough, it’s time for Boris Johnson to go

Whilst we were unable to grieve the loss of dying family members, Boris Johnson partied

Back in December, Boris Johnson said “I can tell you all the guidelines were followed, at all times.” Now only a few months later, he is facing calls to resign after being fined over lockdown parties. It is time to do what he should have done months ago and resign – because enough is enough. He is the first Prime Minister in history to have broken the law. We deserve better, much better than Boris Johnson.

One word for the news today is: disbelief. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak will be fined over lockdown parties at Downing Street. The Metropolitan Police announced an additional 30 fines today and Downing Street then confirmed Boris and Rishi both received one.

Boris Johnson broke the law and lied in order to cover his own tracks. He failed to follow the rules he set for us and still had every single expectation for us to follow them. Alongside his Tory friends like Rishi Sunak and his wife Carrie Johnson, he partied whilst people we loved died. It’s as simple as that.

There shouldn’t be one rule for a Tory and another rule for everyone else. He chose to break the law. He repeatedly lied about breaking the law to parliament and the public. Meanwhile, Sarah Everard’s vigil was disrupted by the Met for breaching Covid restrictions in March 2021. All we were trying to do was mourn the death of a young woman who died at the hands of a serving Met officer. But little did we know Prime Minister Boris Johnson was attending secret parties.

Any leader who cannot even follow his own rules is not fit to lead. The rest of us made huge sacrifices and worked very hard to follow his guidelines. Young people all over the country were fined left, right and centre. One of them even issued a £10,000 fine for throwing a snowball fight. Let’s hope Boris Johnson gets an even bigger fine for every single gathering he hosted and still resigns at the end of it. He is a catastrophe who lacks the ability to follow any kind of rule let alone the ones he came up with himself.

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