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Erm, Sophia Grace who performed Super Bass on Ellen 11 years ago has just given birth

‘Welcome to the world, Nicki Minaj the 3rd’

YouTube sensation and Ellen DeGeneres star Sophia Grace has now welcomed her first baby with her partner of two years and we’re all feeling verrrrrry old.

The 19-year-old found fame when she went viral after appearing on the Ellen Degeneres Show as an eight-year-old singer performing Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass alongside her five-year-old cousin.

Sophia announced she was pregnant back in October last year and on Sunday she posted on Instagram welcoming her baby. She captioned the post with “26.02.23” and Ellen commented “welcome to the world, Nicki Minaj the 3rd!”

In October Sophia announced she was pregnant in a YouTube video. She said: “I am 21 weeks today, I was very shocked when I first found out. I have got used to it now and I am super, super happy about it.” She has also kept the identity of her boyfriend private.

Sophia’s cousin, Rosie, who was also on the Ellen Show is now 16-years-old. She previously spoke out about Sophia’s pregnancy, revealing she “literally froze and burst into tears” when Sophia showed her the scan picture.

Rosie is currently at school but on the side of learning she’s also a singer, songwriter and actress. Plus over on YouTube she has 1.15 million subscribers and shares music videos to her platform too.

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