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Now you’ve stopped crying, here’s the Daisy Jones & The Six shock twist and ending explained

I will never recover from this

Prime Video just dropped the final two episodes of Daisy Jones & The Six. The final episode is emotional to say the least. With all the personal feuds between the characters and differences coming to surface over the ten episodes, the final one is explosive.

The final episode finally gives us the answers to what happened to the band members after they split. So here’s the Daisy Jones & The Six ending explained.

What happens in the ending of Daisy Jones & The Six?

After a very close brush with death, Daisy wakes up to find her life in shambles. Her first move is to get Ricky out of her life and stop taking drugs. She tries to rebuild her friendship with Billy, despite having feelings for him still. However Camila sees her and Billy together and then Camilla forces Billy to choose.

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Karen is struggling with the idea of being a parent. She and Camila go to the clinic and she gets an abortion without telling Graham. Eddie as well reaches breaking point after Billy takes over from him during a song that he and Daisy were meant to perform together.

Billy ends up hitting alcohol again and it’s not until Daisy sorts him out that he stops.

Do Daisy and Billy end up together in Daisy Jones & The Six?

Camila always knew there was something between Billy and Daisy but she decided to put their marriage first. She confronts Billy when she sees him with Daisy and asks if he loves her. Billy’s silence confirms everything.

Billy drinks throughout the performance and pleads with Camila to give their marriage another go. When Camila sees him on stage with Daisy she decides it’s best to end things. Billy, being drunk and heartbroken, kisses Daisy and says they can be broken together. However she doesn’t want to be broken anymore, she doesn’t want to abuse alcohol or drugs and knows if they were to get into anything right now then it wouldn’t end well.

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Billy then leaves to try and find Camila whilst the remaining band members discuss the future of the band. Billy promises to dedicate himself entirely and returns to rehab and restarts his life with Camila. The show ends, Daisy tells Rod she’s leaving the band.

Then the show jumps forward twenty years. Daisy and Billy remain distant and it’s revealed she goes on to have several more relationships over the years but feels none of them compare to Billy. In the final scene of the show Billy knocks on her door and she smiles at him.

Who dies at the end of Daisy Jones & The Six?

Camila is diagnosed with a terminal illness. This is when her daughter, Julia, starts documenting the rest of the band to try and find out what happened on the last night of their show. Camila dies before the documentary is finished and she leaves a message for Billy and Daisy. She tells Julia to ask Billy to call Daisy and to tell Daisy to answer the call. Essentially giving her blessing for Daisy and Billy to be together.

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