Erm, Phillip Schofield is apparently a ‘changed man’ and Holly took a pop at Eamonn this week


So much Phillip Schofield related drama has happened this week that it’s hard to keep up. Like his ever-lasting vape collection, the drama is showing no signs of coming to an end anytime soon. So here’s a rundown of exactly what’s gone on this week. From Phillip being papped for the first time to Holly taking a pop at Eamon and Josie getting her feet under the table with Amanda Holden at Ascot – here’s everything you need to know.

Phillip Schofield is declared a ‘changed man’

Earlier this week Phillip Schofield was papped for the first time since he gave two bombshell interviews and admitted to his affair with a younger male. A body language expert spoke to the Mirror about the photos of Phillip and said she feels as though he’s a “changed man.” Judi James said: “There are deep furrows etched on his forehead and deep grooves down either side of his mouth. His face looks jowly from side view but that’s possibly a result of the weight he said he had dropped since the drama started. But otherwise Schofield looks tanned and relatively relaxed here, like a man who has taken what must be his first break from work in several decades.”

Judi explained: “His one raised brow and the micro-curve of his lips suggests a good humoured response to the person he is with. There’s no sign of tension in his shoulders or his legs but in a nod to his previously busy professional lifestyle, he seems to be clutching his phone, keys and what looks like the ever-present vape we saw him using in his interviews, all in one hand.”

Josie Gibson was papped at Ascot posing with…Amanda Holden

Now Josie Gibson was Holly Willoughby’s shoulder to cry upon on her return to This Morning right after the Phillip Schofield scandal blew up. Amanda Holden has also been sharing cryptic posts since Phillip stepped down from ITV and This Morning – some people even think Amanda ripped into Holly’s welcome back speech at one point.

So for Josie to be papped with Amanda Holden at Ascot is interesting to say the least.

Phillip’s ex-lover is set to share his side of the story apparently

Phillip Schofield’s young studio runner ex to “have his say” in probe into ITV scandal. The ex-This Morning runner who had a relationship with Schofield will reportedly be questioned about the relationship by barrister Jane Mulcahy KC who is conducting the inquiry.

Sources close to the runner say he was never actually asked about the relationship with Schofield when he worked at ITV. One source said: “ITV have kept in touch with the man and there will be a very thorough investigation, where many people close to the situation will be asked questions. It will be his chance to have his say. It would most definitely lead to some difficult reading for ITV’s bosses if it turns out that he says he wasn’t asked about the relationship 12 times.”

Ermmm, Holly Willoughby took a pop at Eamonn Holmes

Eamonn Holmes has been very vocal during all this drama imploding. Reports claim Holly Willoughby took a subtle pop at Eamonn Holmes this week after he accused her of not even knowing the names of crew members working with her on ITV’s This Morning.

Eamonn was axed as a presenter on the show in 2020 after 15 years. Recently he’s taken a comfy seat at GB News and speaks out on a lot of drama. Earlier he argued Holly doesn’t know the names of the crew on This Morning but in Wednesday’s episode she went out of her way to name drop a cameraman on set. It was after he was almost hit in the face by a prosecco cork. Holly said: “Oh my god you almost got Steve in the eye.”

Dr Ranj Singh is banging on again

Dr Ranj Singh has said speaking out about alleged “bullying and discrimination” on This Morning was “the right thing to do.”

The former This Morning daytime medic explained his comments about the show’s culture were not about Phillip Schofield “at all” but more about ensuring the wellbeing of those on and behind the camera.

Dr Ranj Singh left the programme two years ago and released a statement clarifying why he had left shortly after Schofield stepped down in the wake of his affair being revealed. His statement hit out at a “toxic” culture and spoke about the concerns he raised while working at ITV. Ranj said he felt he was “managed out” for whistleblowing.

He also threw shade at This Morning and said: “I work on Morning Live now which gets double the ratings,” lol.

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