A thoughtful ranking of MAFS Australia season 10 couples based on who gave the most drama

This was hard because they’re all so evil

Married at First Sight Australia season 10 has been a wild, wild ride. We have had cheating scandals, fights, tears and even a butt dial. This cast hasn’t held back when it’s come to keeping their audience entertained. So, here is a considered ranking of each MAFS Australia season 10 couple on a scale of least to most dramatic.

Let’s start with the most gorgeous couple from the season and the only duo who remained drama free.

12. Ollie and Tahnee

Ollie and Tahnee are easily the best and more unproblematic couple from this series. Through all the cheating rumours, tears and drama Ollie and Tahnee avoided all the drama and actually left the experiment seeming very happily in love.

They were the youngest couple to say their vows on the show and they hit it off straight away. They were surrounded by drama and toxic couples but they kept their cool, dished out solid advice to those in need and called others out when it was right. True couple goals!

11. Melissa and Josh

Melissa and Josh failed to see eye to eye during intimacy week and left the experiment. Melissa even admitted she and Josh hadn’t bonded in the way they hoped and called him out for being reserved. We also got a little bit of drama early on when Melissa was upset Josh told the camera they didn’t have sex when they did – she assumed he was embarrassed of her.

The drama didn’t stop on screen. Only last month Josh branded Melissa as “despicable” after she commented about a “messy divorce” between him and his ex wife. Yikes.

10. Evelyn and Rupert

The couple ended things during final vows when Evelyn told Rupert: “It took you six weeks to taken me on a single date and that was only when I asked you and that says a lot.”

9. Melinda and Layton

However they’re still together now so it can’t all be bad!

8. Caitlin and Shannon

These two didn’t last long. They left during the second commitment ceremony. Things took a nosedive for them when Shannon told Caitlin she wasn’t attractive in his eyes. Pure, unsolicited evil.

7. Alyssa and Duncan

Duncan brutally dumped Alyssa during final vows after weeks of trying to comfort Alyssa and work on their relationship. They had a bump in the road over Alyssa’s child when Duncan admitted he can’t see himself being a figure in the child’s life.

He was so nice about it though and said he understands her child is her priority but she kept making a big deal about it.

6. Claire and Jesse

Right, now we’re getting into the nitty gritty MAFS drama. Jesse and Claire didn’t really get off to a good start after Jesse kept shushing Claire and later down the line she revealed she kissed co-star Adam Seed on a night out.

Of course let’s not forget Jesse’s infamous “ick list” and constant mocking of his TV wife.

5. Tayla and Hugo

Tayla and Hugo were at the centre of the butt dial scandal too after we heard Hugo allegedly call Tayla the C-word. At this point Tayla chose to “leave” the experiment during the commitment ceremony but Hugo chose to stay, forcing her into the experiment for an extra week.

4. Cameron and Lyndall

Over the final few weeks of MAFS Australia, Cameron and Lyndall had a few tense arguments and dramatic moments. During homestay week, Lyndall flew out to meet Cameron’s family, she felt rejected and accused him of not being affectionate enough with her. She said to him: “Why the fuck are we together if you don’t ever want to kiss me, like ever? It just doesn’t make me feel like you really want to be with me.” He brushed it off saying it was “ridiculous.” However this drama caused both their mums to get involved and started a big rift between the pair. Lyndall’s mum asked Cameron to give her a hug and he said that made him feel “uncomfortable.” Things got worse when Cameron’s mum suggested Lyndall’s desire for affection was a sign of insecurity.

The pair then hit another rocky patch when they discussed going long distance. Cameron suggested they’d have to go weeks without seeing each other as he lives in the Australian outback and she lives in Perth.

Their final vows didn’t go down too well either. Lyndall said Cameron didn’t know how to compromise and made her feel like a burden. She didn’t even bother hanging around to hear his vows and she walked off. So savage but so necessary – she slayed.

3. Sandy and Dan

All the drama between Sandy and Dan on Married at First Sight Australia

Let’s start off with the obvious: Sandy deserved better. They were the third couple to get married on MAFS Australia season ten and they had a really stunning wedding. Their relationship took a turn for the worst when they left the experiment together. A lot took place between them before they left so let’s start at the beginning.

Things got bad when Dan confessed to not finding Sandy sexually attractive. Then there was the butt dial scandal which saw Evelyn hear Dan admit he thinks he is too good for Sandy and the experiment. Then they finally left the experiment after realising their relationship was past being saved. Dan told the experts at the commitment ceremony he wanted to be with someone who loved going to the beach, something Sandy couldn’t do because she was allergic to the ocean. His final words were: “The beach and the ocean is calling me, I have to go home.”

Sandy admitted she noticed red flags at the beginning of the experiment but didn’t bring it up due to her not having a relationship before. She said: “Because I hadn’t had a relationship before, I thought every relationship is a sense of compromise, no one is going to be perfect.”

2. Adam and Janelle

Deciding between first and second place for this was painful because both top two couples genuinely deserve to be first place for giving the most drama. But Adam and Janelle just missed out despite the fact he kissed another bride on the show behind Janelle’s back and then went home to have sex with Janelle.

The fall out from Claire and Adam’s kiss was big. Adam and Janelle’s relationship hit the rocks as she came to terms with his betrayal and lying. Then later in the episode, Adam tries to explain himself to Janelle and she slammed the door in his face.

1. Bronte and Harrison

Married and First Sight Australia season 10 primarily focuses on the turbulent relationship between Bronte and Harrison. All they had was initial attraction felt on their wedding day but then things took a turn after one of her mates revealed Harrison had been seeing someone else just days before heading into the experiment. Not only that but Harrison apparently promised this person a future together too. Straight from the get go we knew these two were going to be chaos.

The pair tried to stick things out and moved into the apartment block where they slept in separate rooms to get things moving. Their relationship quickly went from bad to worse though when Harrison wrote “leave” in the first commitment ceremony despite telling Bronte he would stay. She then ghosted him in intimacy week when he organised a date for them and for some reason they stuck things out.

The final dinner party was when things plummeted between them. The honest box challenge tipped their relationship over the edge and Bronte broke up with Harrison at the table. She said: “I’m done with you. I’m done with this man. Harrison, we’re done. We’re over and I honestly don’t want to see you again.” A huge mess.

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