Guys, influencer Millie T was scouted for Love Island but then rejected by producers

‘I’m no Addison Rae but I’ve got 1.4 million subscribers’

Influencer and YouTuber Millie T has revealed she was contacted by ITV casting to audition for this year’s Love Island. After six stages of auditions, she was rejected by the producers at the last hurdle – however she still vlogged and uploaded the entire process to YouTube.

Here’s a rundown of everything Millie T says in her Love Island audition vlog.

Millie T posted her initial Love Island audition tape

via YouTube

In her tape, Millie T says that classic influencer line where they pretend to hate the fact they call themselves an influencer. She says: “I’m a social media influencer. Ewww, I hate that term. Cringe!!” It’s so evil.

Millie then says her last situationship lasted four years and it was one of her best mates who led her on the whole time. She reckons all of her failed talking stages since then have been “pretty much down to the guy getting insecure over how many male friends I have.” Millie T often hangs around with five other boys and is known for previously being in the Social Climbers group and Wave House.

The producers also asked her to say what her type is in men and she said “bad boys” because she thinks she can fix them. It’s giving big “I’m not like other girls energy.” On top of that she hoped to be cast in Love Island so she can stop meeting “toxic boys” and have fate bring her the man of her dreams, not the two month stay in the villa and forced relationships then!!

In order to get through to the final stage of the Love Island auditions, Millie had to fill out multiple applications, go through a medical assessment, criminal record check, have Zoom interviews and then if she passed all those she’d get to have a final in-person interview with the executive producers.

Millie T vlogged her final stage as well

In her vlog, Millie T travelled to the ITV studios in London where she was put into a holding centre before her in-person audition. She then met with two girls who work for ITV and they ran her through social media and what to expect if she does get onto the show. Millie says she thought the audition went well. Apparently she was sitting in front of a huge camera where they did a full body shot and asked her to do spins. Millie says at this point she would have been ready to “throw it back” if they asked.

Millie continues: “The girls asked me the same questions as the executive producers but I’m guessing it was two different perspectives. The two girls then talked to the executive producers and came to a conclusion as to who they think fits for the show or whatnot. But I got on so well with the two girls. They were asking me about my dating life, I was laughing with them, we were just relating over guys and just how unlucky we are.”

She says at first she thought she wasn’t going to get on because of her social media following and she didn’t think Love Island would allow that. Millie says: “I know Molly-Mae had followers when she went on but I don’t think she had that many. She was only kind of starting out.” Then she went on to say she is NOT Addison Rae but she does have 1.4 million so “I didn’t know if that shook them up a little because like, I also have 850k on TikTok, 400k on Instagram and I’m quite spread out across the platforms. I thought that would put them off.” Love a humble queen.

Millie T got rejected and then also had a parking ticket on the same day

On 6th December last year Millie vlogged her reaction to getting the final phone call. She was out for lunch with her management when she got a text saying it’s a girl from ITV and to give her a call back. Millie then rang back on speaker phone outside the place where she was having lunch. The ITV woman said: “Unfortunately on this occasion we are unable to take you to the next stage, obviously so many people apply for the series and lots of hard decisions have been made. I want to stress to you how well you did to get to this stage in the process. The senior team have really enjoyed meeting you and I wanted to give you a massive thank you for being part of the process and taking the time out of your day.”

Millie T Love Island

via YouTube

After hanging up Millie says she doesn’t really know how to feel about it. She then said half of her is disappointed but on the flip side, she has “no control over how they edit me or make me seem as a person.” She then said it’s a “blessing in disguise,” saying she would have maybe said or done too much.

Millie reckons it is not likely she would have found love on Love Island because she has to feel like she knows the guy’s soul.

You can watch Millie T’s new Love Island audition process video here.

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