young sheldon plot hole

Young Sheldon just created a plot hole in The Big Bang Theory by skipping this big storyline

I need George to do something bad so it justifies how much I hate him

Creators of Young Sheldon have seemingly taken a very bold move by removing a crucial part of Sheldon’s history in The Big Bang Theory.

In the original sitcom, Sheldon admits his “three-knock quirk” on every door before entering a room stems from catching his dad having an affair. He says that as a teenager he walked into the room to find his dad sleeping with another woman. This happened when Sheldon was 13 and during spring break from college.

However, in Young Sheldon, this storyline has been seemingly skipped entirely. In season six’s latest episode titled Little Green Men and a Fella’s Marriage Proposal, the show jumps forward in time and into the spring break where Sheldon is meant to find his dad, George, cheating on his mum.

Young Sheldon plot hole

Rather than seeing Sheldon’s spring break at all, he and his sister Missy go back to school. This simple decision removes a huge part of the plot and Sheldon’s personality. However the show’s boss has suggested the affair might still happen at some point in the future. The executive producer of Young Sheldon told TVLine: “Without saying it didn’t happen, we’re not obligated to tell all the stories that Sheldon told on Big Bang. I’m not saying we are or we are not telling that story but it’s not happening in seasons six.”

I need George’s affair to happen in Young Sheldon soon just so I have something to justify why I hate this man so much.

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