Meet Nell Mescal: Paul Mescal’s younger sister who quit school to move to North London

Of course a Mescal sibling is a North London girly

Paul Mescal has had us in a chokehold since 2020, but now it’s all about his younger sister – Nell Mescal. She is literally the coolest person ever. We can’t stop speaking about her since she shared those candid screenshots from her family finding out about Paul’s 2023 Oscar nomination but now the dust has settled a bit, she’s still hitting headlines. Here’s everything you need to know about Nell Mescal, the cooler sister of Paul Mescal.

The sister of Paul Mescal, Nell Mescal, is a rising star in the music industry

The talent is rife within the Mescal family. Paul’s sister left school early and moved to London to pursue her career of becoming a singer. She was totally supported by her parents too.

19-year-old Nell lives in North London and has signed a management deal with American firm Q Prime. It’s the same management who looks after Metallica and Foals. She just released her second single, Homesick, after only living in London for 15 months and dropping out of school in October 2021.

Nell left home aged 17

Before making the move to London, at the age of 17 Nell Mescal left Ireland and lived alone for three months in Brighton where she started her musical career. However, on returning home she found herself alienated from her former friends and decided to leave school permanently before moving to London in October 2021.

Nell Mescal says she was bullied in primary school

In an interview with The Times, Nell said she was picked on at primary school and had difficult relationships with schoolmates. She said: “I would have moments when I would walk past people I thought were my best friends and no one would look at me, so I said in the toilet for lunch. It got worse after I came back from those three months in Brighton because the attitude was: ‘You’re going to leave anyway so we don’t need to invest our friendship in you.'”

A therapist told Nell her feelings stem from the fact was jealous of Paul’s success

Nell’s decision to move to London was encouraged by her musical debut opening for Phoebe Bridgers in 2021. Since then she has released three songs and continues to grow her musical brand.

Nell has over 50,000 followers on Instagram

Nell is followed by celebrities such as Daisy Edgar Jones, Kizzy from Heartstopper and Mae Martin from Feel Good. Her grid is a total vibe and has soooo many candid and throwback pictures of her brothers.

She shares so much to her Instagram but the best thing has to be her love of those fun hats with the ears on them. Nell makes those cool, I’ve not seen anyone else do that.

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