CLA’s death hoax and Elphaba’s 48 hour boyfriend: This week proves British TikTok is at its peak

I love all of them so much

I don’t know who you’re trying to kid if you say British TikTok isn’t the one. It is hands down the greatest form of entertainment known to mankind and these people are the exact reason why. From Cory’s World to Elphaba, the people working hard under the realm of British TikTok truly deserve everything in life. This week in particular has felt a little bit more unhinged than usual – everyone is on top form. So here’s a rundown of this week’s greatest TikTok moments starting with Chelsea Lee Art’s Cornish death hoax.

Chelsea Lee Art and her Cornish death hoax trauma

Perhaps the most unhinged story of the week is someone starting a rumour claiming Chelsea Lee Art was dead and as a result the locks were changed to her flat. I’m unsure how these two correlate to one another but I do know she was of course on TikTok live as she returned home to her flat using keys that didn’t work. She has definitely been Affected.

Cory’s kitchen mayhem

I seriously don’t know how Leah puts up with it. He was hosting drinks last weekend and to prep their house for it he decided to redecorate their kitchen for the occasion. He was painting over cabinets, tiles, ripping up worktop lino and slinging the paint brush all over the floor – Nick Knowles would’ve died if he saw it.

Nanna Bea causing havoc in Turkey with the bold glamour filter

There is something about Nanna Bea that makes me physically unable to put my phone down when I scroll onto one of her videos. She is one of the most entertaining TikTok creators on the app right now and there is literally no reason as to why – she just is. Rather wholesomely she’s taken her granddaughter on holiday to Turkey before she goes off to uni and Nanna Bea is having the time of her life.

Elphaba announcing she has a boyfriend only to be single five hours later

If you don’t know who Xylevel is then try and keep it that way. He is a menace, particularly on TikTok live. He first came to my attention when he was live on TikTok with Elphaba and sung her a song he had made up. It’s called Long Wood and now he sings it to pretty much everyone who joins him on a live stream.

‘Aroots darlin’, Anostrils’



♬ original sound – Chelsealeeart

Chelsea Lee Art went scuba diving this week and it sent me spiralling.

Ryan Windridge ‘taking a break’ that lasted two working days

Ryan and the rest of the Hustle House seem like such nice guys. I just WISH he didn’t listen to his intrusive thoughts telling him to put a mouthful of his piping hot dinner into his gob – it burns him every single time. At this point I’m concerned he knows that is what gets him views so he’s just living with a constant burned tongue in the hopes it’ll get him more clout – I respect the grind.

Ryan can sometimes get overwhelmed with TikTok and the outrageous amount of negative comments he gets but he doesn’t help himself by announcing a break and then coming back two days later. Hats off to him, he tries to grab TikTok by the horns but sometimes it just flops.

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