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Hype House landlord is suing the members $300,000 for damages to his property

‘The Hype House is going to end up in court’

Among those listed in the legal documents obtained by TMZ are Chase Hudson, Thomas Petrou, Mia Hayward, Calvin Goldby, Patrick Huston and Nicholas Austin. According to the lawsuit, Daniel Fitzgerald says the Hype House TikTok group moved out of his Hollywood property five months before their lease ended in 2021.

Daniel claims the group caused more than $300,000 in damage to the home and was able to get them to agree to paying $10,000 a month for 40 months. However now Daniel claims the group have only been paying him $2,5000 a month and he is now suing to get the remaining balance paid in full. None of the Hype House members listed have made comments about the situation.

Daniel self-claims to be the “owner of the biggest influencer homes in LA,” and is asking for the remaining balance to be paid in full immediately. Daniel also rents to creators such as RiceGum.

The  Hype House former 10-bedroom, 16-bath property featured a crazy amount of rooms. It also had a guest house, a pool and a large garage full of the creators luxury cars. The interior of the house had black doors, white and grey walls and boujee dark flooring. The space attracted lots of natural light and a big space for their stunts.

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The group paid for the $50,000-a month property through brand deals and their collective 21.3 million followers. In addition to the millions of followers they had on individual accounts.

Hype House was formed in 2019 by Chase Hudson who used to date Charli D’Amelio and Thomas Petrou. This house drama isn’t Hype’s only bit of baggage though. In their time they’ve had members come and go, Daisy Keech left in 2020 and accused Thomas Petrou of giving her no credit for her founding role despite putting a $10,000 deposit down on the house. Another member Tony Lopez was accused of sexual misconduct while in Hype House and was said to have messaged underaged girls. At the time he denied all allegations against him.

The landlord posted a YouTube video titled: “Hype House landlord sued over trashed home.” The description says: “The Hype House is going to end up in court,” and starts featuring clips of all the wild and destructive stunts the creators pulled in their rented home. It then cuts to the landlord going onto the property and filming his reaction to how they left it. You can watch the full video below.

The Tab UK has approached Thomas Petrou for comment regarding the Hype House.

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