Debunking Tahnee and Evelyn’s rumoured feud after Married at First Sight Australia

MAFS fans are something else

Married at First Sight brides Evelyn Ellis and Tahnee Cook are reportedly no longer on speaking terms after filming for their season ended.

Fans of MAFS noticed both Tahnee and Evelyn don’t follow each other on social media. Both brides are known to interact with other MAFS stars on Instagram which has led their followers to believe they’ve had a fall out.

An insider told Yahoo Lifestyle there is no rift between the two but they didn’t hit it off as mates on the show or after filming.

The source said: “There wasn’t a huge fight or anything, they’re just very different people and aren’t friends. Tahnee is a lot quieter and reserved compared to Evelyn’s other friends.” However the source added Tahnee wasn’t impressed when Evelyn and Duncan James started dating. Tahnee is good friends with Duncan’s jilted bride, Alyssa Barmonde.

Shortly after Evelyn and Duncan went public with their relationship, Tahnee shared a post on Instagram stating what a good friend Alyssa was. She began: “Alyssa is that friend who will always be there for you no matter what. I know this show can really bring out the worst in people and highlight more negative aspects but I really wish you got to see more of how warm and kind she is. It’s such a shame.” She also said Alyssa is always there when she needed help. It’s giving MAFS besties!

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