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All the secret royal conversations from the King’s Coronation, revealed by a lip reader

Charles was fuming as per

The Royal family are essentially untouchable so when they do big public appearances we love knowing exactly what they’re saying. Being able to lip read is a talent only given to a few people by god and it’s invaluable. A viral clip has been doing the rounds of King Charles sitting in his carriage waiting to go into Westminster and he’s clearly fuming at something.

So here is a breakdown of all the most talked about royal exchanges at the Coronation, told through lip reading

Lip reading reveals what Prince Harry told guests as he arrived at the Coronation

The Duke of Sussex arrived at the same time as his cousins Princess Beatrice and Eugenie and their husbands. Harry came in before the Prince and Princess of Wales and their children and sat three rows from the front behind Princess Anne and her huge feather.

While walking into Westminster Abbey, Harry gave greetings to some of the guests. According to the Mirror, a lip reader claimed Harry said “hello,” “morning” and “nice to see you” to various people. Meanwhile, he said “look at that” while noticing the grand aspect of the occasion. He also said “delightful.” A body language expert explained Harry looked nervous whilst waiting for Charles to arrive. The expert, Judi James, told the Mirror: “As Harry waited in his seat for his father and brother to arrive there were some subliminal signs of building tension or anxiety. He sucked his lips in and licked them and his blink rate increased, suggesting adrenalin prompted by nerves.”

King Charles was fuming as per

Coronation lip reading

via Guardian News

King Charles can be seen grumbling “we can never be on time” and “there’s always something” at the start of his Coronation, a lip reader has claimed. King Charles and Queen Camilla arrived at Westminster Abbey yesterday and were forced to wait outside, sitting inside their diamond jubilee state coach.

A lip reader for Sky News said Charles complained: “We can never be on time. Yes I’m … This is a negative. There’s always something … This is boring.”

‘Yay, yay King!’

Prince Louis was cheering for his grandpa in the carriage yesterday on the way to Buckingham Palace. A lip reader claimed he said: “Yay, yah King!” And then “Whoooooo are you shouting for? Whooooo are you clapping for?”

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