If you relate to these things then you’re upper class and have old money, according to Reddit

9. Not having a job whilst at uni 

According to Reddit, it’s easy to tell upper class people apart from the rest of us based on a few things they do and how they behave. For example, assuming everyone has multiple family homes stinks of old money but also not having a job whilst studying at uni also suggests someone is upper class.

These are the things you have to do in order to be considered upper class according to Reddit and a few others thrown in for good measure.

1. Being totally unaware of the cost of common items

2. Assuming everyone has a family holiday home

3. Talking openly about your family holiday home in casual conversation

4. Not caring about the expense of things

5. Ordering a Deliveroo more than once a week

6. Calling a small house ‘cozy’

7. Going to private school

8. Ski trips

9. Not having a job whilst at uni

10. Claiming travelling isn’t expensive

11. Denying you’re rich and instead opting to say you’re just ‘comfortable’

12. Moaning about having no money or no student loan left even though you 100 per cent do

13. Being insured on one of your parents boujie cars

14. Romanticising the idea of budgeting because it’ll be a ‘fun challenge’

15. Being signed to a David Lloyd gym or Nuffield Health instead of a local gym

16. Having a double-barrel name

17. Actively going for six month dental check ups because you can afford to

18. Having good teeth

19. Not getting excited over the IKEA cafe

20. Knowing what an Aga is before the age of 18

21. Your family owning an Aga

22. Owning multiple coats

23. Refer to people by their second name

24. Use taxis more than public transport

25. Scoring a grad job at your dad’s own company

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