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Vanessa Villela selling sunset

Explained: Why Vanessa Villela left Selling Sunset and who she still speaks to from the cast

Apparently she’s got her eyes on joining Beverly Hills loool

Vanessa Villela joined Selling Sunset in season four and became one of the biggest stars on the show. However her time was short-lived after she left the show following its fifth and second season.

For Selling Sunset season six, newcomers Nicole Young and Bre Tiesi will be filling up the gaps left by Christine, Vanessa and Davina. Here’s the real reason why Vanessa left the show ahead of season six.

Why did Vanessa Villela leave Selling Sunset on Netflix?

Similarly to Davina, Vanessa also left Selling Sunset for business reasons. She chose to work for a real estate agent for The Agency, instead of The Oppenheim Group. In a recent interview, Vanessa also dropped the secret that she didn’t feel like she fit in with the other stars of the Netflix show. Vanessa said that, “I always felt like I was the new girl in school. They’re obviously super successful and it’s an incredible show, but I have to make my own life and make my dreams come true.”

Vanessa went on to share that she still talks to a few of her former costars. She said: “I love Maya so much, we stay in touch a lot. I also message here and there with Christine as well. She’s not in this season either, but she’s an incredible person and really nice to me. The rest are super nice, but we’re not in contact right now.”

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