Jump on the toxic gossip train and enjoy these memes of Colleen Ballinger’s cringe apology

I’ve got the ick soooo bad

Yesterday, Colleen Ballinger released the worst internet apology of all time and it was in the form of a song. She sang about a “toxic gossip train” and the only things she has ever been known to groom are her two cats. Yes, it was a hot mess and now everyone is ripping into her for it.

One of the main accusers, YouTuber Adam McIntyre has made his own response to her 10 minute song so here’s a rundown of some of the best memes to come from her apology song.

1. I am screaming


2. Loooool

3. Just came to mind!

4. Can’t deal with this one


6. Oh my god

7. Yikes

8. In short: yes

9. A timeless classic

10. It did look a little something like this to be fair

11. Ffs

12. It’s truly HORRENDOUS

13. No because she thought she really did something

14. This unlocked a core memory for me


16. This isn’t real life surely

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