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Day dumping is the trend taking over TikTok right now and it’s taken us straight back to 2014

Who knew posting your breakfast could be wholesome and not annoying?

For those of us who grew up in the golden age of YouTube, the idea of day dumping won’t be confusing in the slightest. For hours on end we used to sit and watch people posting content of their day-to-day lives and now the trend has come to TikTok and taken on the title of day dumping.

No, it’s not about dumping your partner – it’s all about finding joy in the little things in life and it’s exactly what we need right now. This trend showcases how nice our lives actually are and forces us to appreciate things more. Even if they are sunsets we catch on the walk back from uni, or if our Jellycats are looking extra gorgeous. The whole idea of it is very 2014 vibes and makes us feel super nostalgic. So here’s everything we know about day dumping and why it’s so empowering.

Here’s everything we know about day dumping on TikTok

Bryanna, aka @notmymango, is a big day dumper. She has over 140,000 followers and is reaching 7.5 million likes. Her entire TikTok is a massive vibe. Just recently she posted a day dump consisting of her made bed, her cup of coffee in the morning, putting moisturiser on and then her glowy skin after finishing her skincare. It is truly the most simple yet fulfilling thing.

A lot of people use day dumping as a chance to share their skin care routine or a small clip of the makeup products they use. Or maybe they will post a video which involves them making their bed. See how everything is mundane but it’s so soothing to watch at the same time??

Also they don’t have to be videos either. In fact, a bunch of day dumps make use of TikTok’s carousel feature so are just pictures of these activities making the whole idea of getting started way less daunting.

Why is day dumping empowering?

It’s more clear than ever that we have surpassed the need for luxuries. Day dumping is about finding happiness in life as it already is. It proves we don’t need our lives to centre around excessive luxuries and the highlights of our day can typically be simple and accessible. It’s so wholesome!!

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