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scandi hairline

How to do the Scandi hairline trend just in time for your hot girl sun kissed summer

Millie Bobby Brown does it so you already know it slays

The Scandi hairline is taking over TikTok right now and it’s the latest hot girl hair trend of the summer. Here’s everything you need to know about it and how it works to give you the best sun kissed look ever.

What is the Scandi hairline trend from TikTok?

The Scandi Hairline is a hair lightening colouring technique that mimics where the sun might hit certain parts of your forehead. This is done by lightening the hair immediately around the face, including all the short baby hairs to soften the edges and to also create a brighter look that opens up the face.

Michelle Billington, representative of Jermome Russell, says: “The Scandi Hairline can sometimes have a similar impact Halo highlights but they’re actually very different. Halo highlights are specific placements of highlights to create face-framing lightness, and they can be placed all around the hair even nearer the ends to frame the face when hair is placed forward. The Scandi Hairline trend instead takes the smallest of sections around the forehead hairline and baby hairs to completely soften the hairline.”

This technique isn’t just for blondes either, it can be achieved on redheads, brunettes and darker hair shades that also want brightness to soften the look of baby hairs

Is the Scandi hairline easy to maintain?

Yes! Simply just section out about half an inch wide of hair along your forehead hairline. Ensure you put in tin foil underneath the hair section so it’s acting as a barrier between the bleach and your skin.

Then apply bleach to the section and keep it on for five minutes.

Also Millie Bobby Brown has done this trend so that’s how you know it’s slay.

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