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MAFS Tayla Winter

MAFS Australia’s Tayla Winter has dropped some bombshells about her edit on the show

‘I was told I wasn’t allowed to leave the apartment’

MAFS Australia’s Tayla Winter has ripped into Channel Nine for giving her an “unfavourable edit.”

We watched Tayla Winter cause a lot of drama on MAFS Australia season 10 from day one. Including her seemingly savage treatment of her TV husband, Hugo, and her reported sexting fling with co-star Cameron Woods.

Since MAFS Australia ended, Tayla called out the editing and even claimed participants were left to feel traumatised as a result. Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Tayla admitted she doesn’t recognise the person she was made out to be onscreen. She said: “You prepare yourself for an unfavourable edit, however, you still think you’re somewhat in control of how you’re portrayed.”

Tayla continued: “Personally, I thought I was going to get a good edit. When context is removed, your audio is cut and pasted to create conversations. Your facial expressions and your reactions are something completely different to what actually happened.” Tayla gave the example of when producers asked them to make expressions such as a “frustrated face.” However the context would be completely different on the show to what it was in real life. She explained: “You could be doing that to say a mouthful of food you disliked, and then it is edited so you’re making that face to a girl walking into a dinner party.”

‘I was told I wasn’t allowed to leave the apartment’

Tayla Winter told The Daily Telegraph about her experience on MAFS. She said for the “first three days in Sky Suites, I was told I wasn’t allowed to leave the apartment. I felt like I was going crazy.” She also said she phoned her mum to complain about the “controlled” filming environment. She said: “I remember calling my mum and telling her, ‘I can’t leave.’ She said: ‘Tayla you can leave, they can’t physically hold you there’.”

Big, big yikes.

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