Someone made a website telling you the colour of your name, here’s how to find it

Why do I have SO much yellow??

People on TikTok are finding out what their names look like to someone with synthesis by taking the viral test. Here’s how you can see it for yourself.

This trend was created by Benadette Sheridan, who has a form of synaesthesia called grapheme-colour synaesthesia which means she can see numbers and letters as colours. Her website explains things better, she says: “After many years of struggling to describe my synaesthesia visually, I created this site to show simple geometric portraits of these colour combinations. The specific renderings are based on my own unique synaesthesia colour alphabet.”

Since then, several viral TikTok creators who have various types of synaesthesia that have gone viral on the app with their videos sharing what people’s names do for them. So here’s how you can see your own name in colour:

• Head to’s website

• In the text box, type your name

• You can also type the name of someone you know

• The colours should then automatically appear beneath the name you typed and you’ll notice each colour represents a letter of your name

It’s quite slay! You can find the website here.

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