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Trisha Paytas shared a very cryptic quote about forgiveness amid Colleen Ballinger controversy

The pair have been friends for years

Trisha Paytas has posted a religious quote about forgiveness amid her best friend, Colleen Ballinger, facing the biggest controversy of her career to date.

The quote Trisha posted to her story reads: “Always pray to have eyes that see the best in people, a heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets the bad and a soul that never loses faith in God.”

Colleen Ballinger is currently facing intense backlash online after an ex-fan came forward and put claims against her which she originally addressed three years ago in a YouTube video.

For the past three years, Ballinger has been involved in an online drama that’s recently kicked off again. She was exposed for allegedly acting inappropriately with fans in the past. One of her fans, Adam, has claimed he had issues with Colleen previously. He alleges Colleen sent him lingerie as a joke and asked inappropriate questions when he was underage. He also accused Colleen of sharing too much of her personal life with him surrounding her divorce from her ex-husband.

Recently Trisha Paytas and Colleen Ballinger launched a podcast together called Oversharing. In a post about their first episode launching, Trisha wrote: “I can’t believe we did it! Reading all the love and support and excitement is overwhelming in the best way possible. Colleen has been not only a huge inspiration for me of what is possible to achieve as an influencer, but also as a working mama, and now we get to play dress up together and ramble about whatever is on our mind.”

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