According to Love Is Blind fans, this is the identity of Raven Ross’ new mystery boyfriend

Love Is Blind fans work HARD

Raven Ross has been through the ringer when it comes to finding love but now she seems to have met a new man and fans claim to have worked out who he is.

Following Love Is Blind season three, Raven experienced the worst outcome of the series. She was engaged to SK Alagbada and although they didn’t get married on the show, they stayed together. Shortly after getting engaged for the second time and moving in together, Raven and the rest of the world came across several TikTok videos alleging SK cheated on her with different women.

For the first time since revealing her new relationship, Raven posted a photo posing with her mystery man and now Love Is Blind fans are spiralling trying to work out who he is.

Although his face was covered, several fans jumped to the comment section of her post and have straight up claimed the guy is Christian Crosby. For those that don’t know, Christian Crosby is a well-known NBA personality. Raven has previously hinted at her new boyfriend being in the entertainment industry.

Fans think it’s Christian for a few reasons, one of them being the fact the photo was taken in Philadelphia which is Christian’s home. Another person in the comments claimed they saw Christian wearing that same outfit on the day the photo was posted. Raven also recently posted a photo in the Philadelphia 76ers stadium, where Christian is a host and where he also posted Instagram content in the EXACT same spot earlier this month.

What do we think??

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