Here’s everything we know about Jeffree Star’s rumoured NFL boyfriend

That one private jet pic has opened an entire can of worms

Beauty influencer Jeffree Star has forced everyone to lose their minds after he posted a photo of himself on a private jet with his speculated NFL boyfriend. Now everyone is acting like a detective and trying to work out who this mystery boyfriend is.

Jeffree posted a photo onto his socials, it showed himself holding hands with his “NFL boo” who was wearing Vans. The photo was captioned: “Goodbye LA, time to spend time with my NFL boo in Wyoming.”

The top reply to Jeffree’s tweet has shown how intense people are online. @FootballGirlAna replied saying they were bored at work so studied the photo really hard to work out who it could be. They got in so deep, even going as far as working out the guys knee height but they didn’t even come to a concluded answer.

Jeffree Star and his NFL boyfriend post has sent people feral. For some reason we’re all now back in 2019 and cannot live normally without knowing everything about his man and the drama in his life. People are looking at marks on the man’s hand and comparing them to NFL players who have similar marks. Everything in this photo has been analysed, from the freckles on his hand, the shape of his ankles and even how he ties his shoelaces.

Other people came straight out with names of players, one person said Carl Nassib, however he is currently dating Olympic swimmer Soren Dahl. Another name which was put out to be the NFL boo of Jeffree Star was Justin Herbert.

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