Yee-haw! Meet the Coastal Cowgirl who is taking over TikTok and every single uni BNOC ever

She’s so cool I might scream

Say hello to the new aesthetic everyone is dying to be like – the coastal cowgirl. We’ve seen a rise in coastal cowgirls ever since Jessie came on winter Love Island 2023 and honestly it’s a whole vibe. According to Pour Moi, videos about the coastal cowgirl trend are currently reaching millions of views and they’re only going up. The look is all about the soft, billowy, lightness of the coastal grandmother who we met last summer mixed in with a gorgeous bold flair.

Here’s how you can tap into your cowgirl at the beach energy and become the ultimate coastal cowgirl:

It’s all about the fashion, especially the boots

It’s no secret that one way you can get closer to achieving the coastal cowgirl vibe is through cowboy boots. Now we’ve seen these boots around quite a lot recently and they’re slowly bubbling away. But this summer will be the prime time to own a pair so get on that.

If you’ve got the cowgirl part covered already then all you need is the coastal bits down. One item of clothing Pour Moi suggests is a floaty linen piece, big hats and bikinis. No coastal cowgirl would be without a solid piece of linen and no coastal queen would be either.

The coastal cowgirl has an Instagram feed built on vibes alone

I could only dream of having a feed based on thick knits, cowboy hats, boots, linen, beaches and sunsets – it is the absolute dream. You simply can’t convince me every single coastal cowgirl is a BNOC because they are and they’re here to dominate. End of.


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