These BBL shorts are all over TikTok because they do absolute bits for your bum

I’m about to dominate the smoking area with these hips

Thanks to James Charles and TikTok, the world is in a BBL era. Unfortunately though, BBL’s cost a ridiculous amount of money and you can’t get one on the NHS so these shorts are the next best thing. Here’s everything we know about the BBL shorts that have taken TikTok by storm and how you can buy them.

What are BBL shorts on TikTok?

The shorts are called BBC shorts because they make the person wearing them look as though they have just had a Brazilian Butt Lift. They give people wide hips and a round bum thanks to the padding inside the fabric. These shorts are possible the hardest slay and best invention of all time, end of.

A Brazilian Butt Lift is a popular cosmetic surgery that transfers fat from elsewhere in the body to one’s hips and bum. The prices for the procedure vary but they are typically thousands and thousands of pounds.

However the new BBL shorts are life changing because they don’t cost anywhere near as much as the real thing. Here’s everything we know about where to get the famous BBL shorts.

Where can I buy the BBL shorts from TikTok?

Okay so it looks like most people are buying their BBL shorts from an online shop called Curvy Baddies. But they’re also available on Shein however…maybe the official website is best? Plus they’re on sale right now from £66.99 to £34.99.

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