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This is exactly how much it would cost to live in Joe Goldberg’s gorgeous London flat

Sorry but that Smeg fridge is wasted on him

Joe Goldberg has recently made the move to London in YOU season four and his flat is the kind of property I dream about. His gorgeous South Kensington flat is decked out to the high heavens with stunning decor, including a white Smeg fridge and white tiles behind his oven.

Here’s a rundown of how much it would cost to live there in real life and how much Joe would be paying for it if his employer didn’t cover the costs.

Joe Goldberg flat

Ignore the dead body x

GetAgent has revealed Joe’s gorgeous flat in South Kensington would cost around £1.7 million to buy. However the SW7 postcode has seen properties up for sale for as much as £5.5 million so Joe’s got a pretty good deal here.

His flat is quite small but it has stunning views and so many cost fireplaces dotted around inside so it’s likely to be somewhere in the higher end between £1-2 million if he were to buy it and make it his permanent home.

Joe Goldberg flat

A stunning fireplace

However, knowing Joe Goldberg, he doesn’t tend to stick around in places for too long but luckily for him his university employer is paying his rent. In real life, other flats on the street are costing £3,000 a week to rent.

Joe Goldberg flat

via Netflix

Colby Short, CEO and co-founder of GetAgent says: “We’re thrilled to see our nation’s capital featuring so prominently in pop culture once again, with the new home of YOU protagonist Joe nestled in the incredible picturesque area of South Kensington. In addition to his luxury new neighbourhood, it’s great to see so many other stunning British filming locations included in the show too like Royal Holloway’s University campus.”

Joe Goldberg flat

via Netflix

Colby continues: “Many viewers of the show have questioned how Joe, on an academic salary, could feasibly afford to live in such an affluent neighbourhood, but perhaps his university employer has a good deal we don’t know about.”

Ermm, how risky would it be to become Joe Goldberg’s lodger?? x

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