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TikToker Alex Warren says Thomas Petrou was the only one earning money from Hype House

What a mess

Whilst appearing on the Zach Sang Show podcast, former Hype House member Alex Warren claimed Thomas Petrou was the only member taking home part of the earnings. Alex suggested he, nor any other member, received any of that money.

When asked if he ever made money from the Hype House, Alex replied: “No, never. No one made money from Hype House, except from Thomas.”

Alex claimed Thomas controlled the finances for the group. He continued: “Pretty much, he just said, you know, all the money will be used as a Hype House account. We had a Hype House account for the Hype House purchases and stuff, and he just controlled it. But we got paid from brand deals.”

Alex went on to claim Thomas paid himself from the account. However when asked if that was the reason why the Hype House died, Alex revealed all the members signed NDA’s so no one is going to talk about it. Big yikes.

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The Tab has reached out to Thomas Petrou for comment.