A deep dive into The Ultimatum cast Instagram accounts

Of course Alexis has a photo with James Charles loool

Netflix recently dropped The Ultimatum and it’s exactly what we need right now. It’s hosted by Love Is Blind’s Nick and Vanessa Lachey and follows a group of six couples who are literally risking it all for marriage. One partner in each couple offers the other an ultimatum, either they get married or break up – yes, it is wild. Of course fans have already become obsessed, some even saying it’s more chaotic than Love Is Blind! So if you’re as invested as the rest of us, let’s take a dive into the Instagram accounts belonging to the cast of The Ultimatum.

Alexis Maloney

Now a lot of people have been drawing connections to Alexis and Shaina and Jessica from Love is Blind. The 25-year-old’s Instagram is full of holiday photos and of course some classic couple pics of herself and Hunter. She recently posted this photo with James Charles too which is an odd crossover.

Instagram handle: @alexiselainemaloney

Hunter Parr

28-year-old Hunter says he’s not ready for marriage yet but is just about ready to move in with Alexis. His Instagram doesn’t feature James Charles but it does have this photo of himself and Alexis at a wine tasting event. It’s captioned with: “Had such a boaring time at Sanglier tasting.” The pair are photographed standing in front of a boar, hence his outrageous caption.

Instagram handle: @papa_parr

Zay Wilson

Zay is 25-years-old and has been dating Rae for two and a half years. Rae is keen for a baby and marriage but Zay isn’t quite ready for it just yet. He doesn’t have any photos of himself and Rae together but he has got plenty of modelling photos so feel free look at those and weep at how beautiful he is.

Instagram handle: @theofficialzaywilson

Rae Williams

Rae is truly glam as fuck. Like Zay, she has no photos with him on her grid but who cares when she showcases her iconic life instead.

Instagram handle: @rae.williams 

Madlyn Ballatori

24-year-old Madlyn was offered the ultimatum by Colby after dating for a year and a half. They apparently met at a bar in college and Colby instantly got a vibe saying Madlyn was the one for him. Sadly though her Instagram doesn’t feature Colby but it has some vibey photos like this one.

Instagram handle: @madlynballatori

Colby Kissinger

Colby looks like the world’s most wholesome man and I think it’s his cowboy hat. but also just look at this photo of him and his dad in matching hats – I am obsessed.

Instagram handle: @colby_kiss

April Marie

23-year-old April dealt her partner Jake the ultimatum saying she wants to start a family. However he just wants to focus on financial stability first. He doesn’t appear on her Instagram but who needs a man when you have over 69,000 Instagram followers already. Here photos are vibey too, just look at this one of her and her dog.

Instagram handle: @itsaprilmarie

Jake Cunningham

What’s sad about April and Jake is their matching Instagram handles. They both start with “its” which I think is very wholesome. In the show Jake says early on how he’s ex military so obviously his Instagram features many photos of him doing his job.

Instagram handle: @itsjakecunningham

Shanique Imari

24-year-old Shanique offered the ultimatum to her partner Randall. She says she wants a huge wedding but Randall has told her to wait until he’s out of debt and can pay it. Randall is nowhere to be seen on her grid either but she has plenty of fun photos like this one below.

Instagram handle: @shaniqueimari

Randall Griffin

Randall’s Instagram shows off his party lifestyle but it doesn’t show off Shanique whatsoever. The only appearance she makes is on his promotional posts for The Ultimatum.

Instagram handle: @rl_griffin

Lauren Pounds

Lauren and Nate have been dating for two and a half years but they disagree on having children. Nate has given Lauren the ultimatum in the hopes they stay together. Lauren’s Instagram name is “Lauren Kilos” which serves the energy of a 14-year-old who made their account and tried to be quirky with their name. Anyway, the dodgy name can be brushed under the rug because her pics are pretty cool.

The Ultimatum cast Instagram

via Instagram

Instagram handle: @laurenkilos 

Nathan Ruggles

We’re ending up on the first couple picture! Finally! 30-year-old Nathan posted this photo of him and Lauren on a boat back in June 2020.

Instagram handle: @nathan_ruggles

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