A brief history inside Maisie Smith and Max George’s cringe relationship

The names in their bio and his pout both terrify me

The Wanted’s Max George and actress Maisie Smith have been dating since September 2022 and they have made no attempt to stay out of the public eye. You know how some relationships are just up for public debate all the time? Yeah Maisie and Max are one of those couples. They’re insufferable and they know it.

So here’s how the 13 year age gap couple came to be and every time they’ve done something to give the rest of us the ick.

Max and Maisie met on Strictly Come Dancing in 2020

Maisie was partnered up with Kevin Clifton and Max was with Dianne Buswell. Remember this evil Simpsons costume? She was only 19 when she appeared on Strictly alongside the 32-year-old Wanted singer.

The couple got to know each other on the show and reportedly grew closer when they were both chosen to perform in the Strictly arena tour. Rumours that the couple had got together first emerged in the summer of 2022 after the couple flew out to Crete on a romantic holiday and were later spotted kissing and hugging on their flight.

via @maxgeorge on Instagram

Maisie and Max became Instagram official last year when he posted his support for Maisie during her time on Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins. He shared a photo of her calling her his “winner” and then added her name to his bio which she later reciprocated on her account.

Their 13 year age gap has been the talk of the town since they went public with their relationship. Maisie even said “you have to have thick skin” when it comes to dealing with age gap related backlash. She added that she doesn’t pay much attention to trolls either and her mum fully supports their relationship.

Maisie and max have moved in together already

via @maisiesmithofficial on Instagram

Max surprised Maisie and asked her to move in with him to his Manchester home only a few months after going official. He asked her in the most cringe way possible, by hiding a spare pair of keys in a bag of sweets. It’s giving the more PG version of Olly Murs and his Pringle can prank.

They joked about being pregnant

The couple were on holiday whilst they faced backlash for pretending to be pregnant and pranking their followers. Maisie posted a photo of herself cradling her stomach as Max hugged her from behind. She captioned it: “We’ve got some really exciting news.”

Fans were saying this was a “disgusting joke.” One person even said: “Pregnancy jokes are not, and never will be funny. You’ve hurt many people, fans, with those thoughtless stories tonight. People who have lost children. People who cannot conceive for whatever reason. Please do better.”

The PDA is violently packed on

via @maxgeorge on Instagram

I am all for couples being in love but these two can’t go a weekend without posting a photo of them chomping on each other’s gob.

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