Here’s what happened during The Ultimatum reunion and a rundown of who’s still dating

Zay stormed out after a screaming match with Rae

The Ultimatum is emotionally traumatic for absolutely everyone who takes part in it and watches it and the reunion episode proved this. So much happened and it wasn’t even an hour long. I think Vanessa Lachey cried twice as well – pure chaos. Zay stormed off after a screaming match with Rae, Alexis was STILL questioning whether Nate and Lauren are having kids and April spoke about herself in third person again.

So here’s absolutely everything that went down during The Ultimatum reunion episode and an update on what everyone has been up to (and dating) since they wrapped up filming.

1. April dyed her hair blonde and found an older man

The Ultimatum reunion episode

she’s glowing, via Netflix

April loved speaking about herself in third person and it was iconic. I hope now she has found peace with her new, older man and sensational blonde hair. Seriously though, her new hair is giving serious People’s Princess revenge dress vibes – iconique.

2. Nate and Lauren are going to couples therapy

Thank god, right? Their entire relationship and proposal was so odd considering they disagreed over a pretty big issue: having children. But Lauren revealed they have since attended couples therapy after the show and she’s currently on board with having one kid.

3. Alexis and Hunter are still engaged!!

The Ultimatum reunion episode

she needs her own show asap, via Netflix

After getting engaged within the first few episodes, Alexis and Hunter are still going strong. They moved in together and even got a dog! Alexis says they’re set to get wed in June and Hunter’s mum is planning the wedding. She also said if she knew he was going to propose that night then she wouldn’t have worn her hair up – it’s the important stuff that counts, isn’t it?

4. Jake says he would have been there if April was actually pregnant

The Ultimatum reunion episode

via Netflix

So even though April got her period, Nick still asked Jake what he would have done if April was having his child. Jake said he would have stepped up and been there for her. He also revealed he’s currently single and working out what makes him happy after that was “disregarded” by April when they were together.

April said she’s glad Jake never proposed as she wouldn’t want to end up divorced – so savage. Anyway, she’s now happy, blonde and living with her older boyfriend.

5. Zay said him and Rae were having sex all the time after filming finished

At the end of The Ultimatum, Rae and Jake were meant to go travelling with one another but decided not to as they didn’t think it was fair. However Zay says it was because him and Rae were having sex every night which she denied.

6. Rae came out as bisexual

via Netflix

When asked about dating after filming The Ultimatum in the reunion episode, Rae said she has been dating a woman and keeping it casual. She said she’s been working out herself and her sexuality after being “very uncomfortable” with being bisexual for so long.

7. Zay and Rae got into a huge fight and he walked off set whilst she cried

So we all know Zay and Shanique got physical during their trial marriage. Shanique told Randall this as soon as they met again but Zay never told Rae. But Rae says Randall was often “rude” when he implied she and Jake had sex despite it never happening. She claims Zay constantly accused her of sleeping with Jake and apparently “flipped out” every time Rae and Shanique met up as mates after they finished filming the show. Zay walked off set whilst Rae cried and then he shortly returned said “I’m sorry” and they moved on.

8. Shanique and Randall broke up for six months

via Netflix

Don’t worry though because they are back together now! We all saw them get engaged but they called it off. Shanique says their six months apart was the worst time of her life but now they’re best friends again and taking it one step at a time.

9. Colby and Madlyn are having a baby and apparently don’t argue

Honestly I am so shook they’re having a child. And about the arguing stuff, I’ll believe it when I see it!

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