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Erm, Greg O’Shea from Love Island says Millie Bobby Brown slid into his DMs after he won

Sorry, wasn’t she about four at the time??

In the world’s weirdest turn of events, Love Island 2019 winner Greg O’Shea has just decided to drop a crucial bit of gossip that Millie Bobby Brown slid into his DMs.

Greg won Love Island in 2019 with Amber Gill and the couple split the £50k between them before calling it quits just days before they were set to go on The Late Late Show together.


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Speaking on The Six O’Clock Show, Greg revealed Millie Bobby Brown messaged him after he won the show. He said: “Millie Bobby Brown – I don’t know if you want to tell Jon Bon Jovi’s son, but she slid into my DMs. Now it was when I got my 15 seconds of fame after Love Island. She’s in my DMs. I’ll show you the image afterwards. She might have also been in love with Amber, the girl I won with, so that was kind of the in. Fast forward two weeks later – unfollowed. She didn’t want anything to do with me.”

Sorry but this is too jokes. The fact Greg was just sleeping on this information and waited until Millie was engaged to Jake Bongiovi to announce it. Also wouldn’t she have been around 15 years old in 2019? Too jokes.

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