A deep dive into the MAFS Australia season 10 cast’s cringey first Instagram posts

I can’t deal with Jesse’s short hair

The season 10 cast of Married at First Sight Australia are all very good looking people but that doesn’t mean they haven’t got an embarrassing Instagram history.

Now season 10 is over, the cast members are getting used to life with their newfound fame but let’s take a deeper dive into life before MAFS, fame and looking really hot. Here are the first Instagram posts from the cast of MAFS Australia season 10.


Bronte’s first post on Instagram goes back to September 2017 which tells me she either joined social media late or someone has had a clean up of their socials before heading onto MAFS. Her post is a selfie, obviously, and she really hasn’t aged in the last six years. Her eyebrows have gone from a 9/10 to a full 10 though.



Already scrolling through Lyndall’s Instagram feed and the further down I get the more cringe it becomes – it’s a safe zone. I’m seeing a lot of food pics, random quotes with no meaning and of course a lot of selfies in chokers and a bunch of vintage Instagram filters. Her first photo is a selfie from 2012 with her and mate that has five likes. Classic.


Ollie only has 99 posts and the first one is from 2016 which looks like a family event, maybe even a wedding??


If there is one thing Janelle keeps consistent, it’s her Instagram feed. Every post is an up close and personal selfie showing off her flawless makeup and I really respect the grind. Her first post was back in 2016 and she did a little makeup tutorial! Quite slay to be honest.


Duncan is a very photogenic guy and clearly an ally because his first post was in celebration of gay marital rights in Australia. He captioned it by celebrating his sister and her partner on that “historic day.” I am sobbing.


Evelyn’s first post on Instagram was in 2021 which suggests to me she definitely cleaned up her socials before going onto MAFS – quite iconic from her.


Jesse’s first post was in 2020 with one of his friends and his hair was SHORT. How wild is that? I mean he’s got cap on but there isn’t a man bun in sight!


Tahnee is just really, really cool and her Instagram reflects that. The MAFS experts loved having her and Ollie on the show filling the Gen Z gap and her Instagram is so Gen Z with a heavy dash of a millenial let loose on Pintrest.


Dan the butt dial man has over 350 posts on his Instagram. His first couple of posts are of his daughter and it’s quite cute to be fair. But here’s a photo of him back in 2012 with a strong pair of dad sunglasses on.


Claire was a big fan of the cringe quote posts. One of her first three posts was a quote that says: “The bad news – nothing lasts for ever. The good news – nothing lasts forever.” It doesn’t make a crumb of sense but I’m sure it meant everything to Claire back in 2012.

Her first post is of someone jumping into the sea but then her fourth post features herself getting her makeup done.


Sandy’s first five posts are all of something scenic but then she finally posted one of herself back in 2018. I’m not going to lie, the quality make the photo look like it was taken in the 19th century but we move.


Now Rupert’s first post is exactly what you’d expect – it’s with his boys!



Maybe Alyssa got Instagram for MAFS because she only has one post before going on the show and it’s with her mates.



Melinda strikes me as someone who would have cleaned up her socials before going on MAFS but also she had a following before going onto the show so she probably did that ages ago. Anyway, her first post is of herself and her friends doing a bikini photoshoot.

But then it jumps to herself and a friend at the races in 2014.



Layton’s social media presence gives off beers, beaches and body – and it is iconic. Here he is partying in Ibiza back in 2014.

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