Millie and Liam have been spotted together on holiday and Liam has moved back to Essex

He’s admitted to there being someone in his life!!

Love Island stars Millie Court and Liam Reardon have jetted off on a romantic holiday together after rekindling their romance and getting things back on track.

The couple, who broke up last July, recently decided to give things another try. Songwriter Jessica Yate Kallup posted on Instagram yesterday sharing a photo of Millie and Liam who are currently enjoying a trip around Europe with Virgin Voyages.

Millie has also posted photos from the trip on Instagram but purposefully not shared anything featuring Liam.

She posted photos of herself in France and then took her Instagram stories to make fun of Liam’s lack of photography skills.

Millie and Liam won the show back in 2021 but their relationship ended in July last year. Last month they were spotted getting a Domino’s pizza together and recently Chloe Burrows caught Liam in a TikTok she filmed with Millie that went viral.

Addressing her split from Liam on her YouTube, Millie said: “It is a lot when you have all eyes on you and everything in your relationship. Lots of judgements, lots of people sending you messages because they’ve seen the other person out. It means absolutely nothing, they’re just speaking to another person. I’m told, ‘They’re cheating on you’ when they’re just having a chat. I chat to boys on a night out. I’m making friends. There’s nothing in it. I struggled with that a lot because it wasn’t nice when people were involved in my personal relationship. It ruined things. It was a big part of why my last relationship ended. It’s been a while since then.”

Over the weekend, Liam confirmed he is back living in Essex – where Millie is from. Speaking to the MailOnline, Liam said: “I’m just living life at the moment, doing my own thing. I just got back from Wales – I was at home last week with the family. I’m currently living in Essex – on my own. Obviously, me and Millie broke up last year, and I’m living on my own.”

Liam also admitted there is someone in his life currently, saying: “There’s someone in my life, yes. I’m not naming any names yet. I already knew them anyway. Just catching up with an old friend. And yes, we’ve just been dating for now.”

I am shaking!!

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