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Here’s everything you need to know about Colleen Ballinger’s strange and very perky family

Why are they all best mates with JoJo Siwa??

As we all know by now, Colleen Ballinger is going through it with the grooming and bullying accusations she’s facing. Whilst she is yet to publicly comment or come back to the internet, her family are posting regularly and ignoring all comments about her and this scandal. So here’s a rundown of her family, from her brother Christopher and his six kids and wife and her sister Rachael Ballinger.

Christopher Ballinger

Chris Ballinger is Colleen Ballinger’s older brother. He’s a magician who previously hosted a segment called “Magic Mondays” on his family YouTube channel. He now posts family vlogs and is attempting to grow their account on TikTok.

Christopher married Jessica Ballinger and they have kids named Bailey, Jacob, Parker, Duncan, Luke and Teddy. Bailey is 15, Jacob is 13, Parker is 10, Duncan is six, Luke is three and Teddy is one.

Their family channel reveals Chris and Jessica were “high school sweethearts.” The most popular video on their channel is the JoJo Siwa makeover one followed by a clip of their eldest daughter Bailey falling into an aquarium. Really, really good content!

Rachel Ballinger

In 2020, Rachel Ballinger and her boyfriend Matt did break up after eight years of dating. She has since come out as gay and has been living her best life.

She’s currently dating someone new who she has referred to as “my woman” before on Instagram. Her name is Abbie and Rachel has featured on her Instagram since July 2021.

And shocker! Rachel is actually really good mates with JoJo Siwa – classic.

Colleen also has another older brother called Trent who used to feature in a lot of videos but he primarily keeps his life offline. His most popular video which he featured in showed him getting his cochlear implants for the first time which Colleen uploaded to YouTube.

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