Spotify’s new AI-powered DJ builds you a custom playlist and will make your pres next level

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Spotify has just launched a new feature, an AI-powered DJ that creates users their own personalised playlist and even commentates. Spotify has described the feature as an “AI DJ in your pocket” that knows your and your music taste “so well that it can choose what to play for you.”

So far the feature hasn’t been rolled out but users have watched the trailer and clips shared on social media. The feature actually seems very similar to a radio station presenter, dropping in little bits of trivia and commentary about the artist or the track while smoothly transitioning between different songs.

The playlist itself is endless and reportedly changes all the time. Users are apparently going to be able to change up the genre or artist by hitting the DJ button. Here’s everything we know about the new AI-powered Spotify DJ that’s set to level up your pre=-drinks.

How will the AI-powered DJ on Spotify work?

So the DJ will actually speak to you as well as make you your own playlist. The DJ’s voice is powered by voice tech from Sonantic AI, a startup Spotify purchased last year, according to The Verge.

Spotify says the actual words the DJ is saying are created from a mix of sources, including a writer’s room filled with “music experts, culture experts, data curators and scriptwriters.” Emily Galloway, head of product design for personalisation at Spotify told The Verge: “The commentary around each artist is similar, the order in which users receive the commentary is unique and based on each-other’s listening habits. While the DJ is launching in Beta, we have a high element of human touch to ensure commentary is accurate, culturally relevant and matches the personality of the DJ. We’re working with some very emerging technology so we’re definitely going to be evolving this process as we go on.”

In the clip above the DJ sounds very smooth. The voice is based on the vocals of Xavier Jerniga who previously worked as an executive at Spotify. Spotify has said this is the first model DJ, suggesting there could be more hosts to select from in the future.

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