Commenting ‘girly pop’ on Noah Schnapp’s TikTok isn’t funny, it’s homophobia repackaged

People are so weird

Noah Schnapp came out earlier this year via a TikTok video and people couldn’t have been happier for him if they tried. However recently he’s attempted to post again on the app but his comment sections are flooded with comments such as “girly pop” or “fruity”. At this point it’s beyond unfunny, it’s homophobia repackaged.

People don’t realise how annoying it is and what makes it worse is the fact the people who are saying it are probably straight. How about straight people stop being weird to queer people?  You can’t want us to come out and normalise being queer and then jump down our throats with stupid emojis and homophobic slurs.

Ultimately Noah deleted his TikTok after getting all these comments which isn’t okay. No one should be bullied into feeling embarrassed about something. The video he put up wasn’t even “girly pop”, people were looking for the first opportunity to say it and get some clicks on your comment. And I’m not saying this is the case for Noah but a lot of queer people feel like we don’t want to come out because we’re scared of change. We fear and hold back because we don’t want to be treated differently even though being queer doesn’t change who we are as people. But it’s so telling the first time he posts back and the response is that. Why does Noah’s sexuality change your life so much that you just can’t let it go??

Queer people are more than our sexualities and we don’t just boil down to a few camp emojis. Regardless of whether Noah’s comment section was meant maliciously or not, you can’t immediately treat him like that and box him into a “gay best friends” stereotype.

You all think just because you watch him in Stranger Things or because he posts actively on TikTok that you’re all close mates with him. Believe it or not, privacy and manners are still very much welcome online and there’s no space here for your repurposed homophobic jokes.

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