‘The mask has slipped’: YouTuber who accused Colleen Ballinger reacts to her apology song

‘I’m glad her video showed you all exactly the type of evil woman she is’

YouTuber Adam McIntyre has dragged Colleen Ballinger for her response to allegations of grooming.

Back in 2020, Adam McIntyre posted a video accusing Colleen Ballinger of having inappropriate relationships with her underage fans – including himself. In a YouTube video posted three years ago, Adam alleges Colleen put him in uncomfortable situations when he was between the ages of 13 and 16. He specifically recalled a time when Colleen Ballinger sent him lingerie during a live stream which Colleen later admitted she should have never done.

In a stream yesterday Adam called Colleen out. He said: “Are you kidding me? This is your response? Your response is making fun of us? I’m in awe.” He continued: “I’m glad her video did one thing, show you all exactly the type of evil woman she is, that a lot of us have experienced over the past few years behind the scenes, the mask has slipped. Everyone meet the real Colleen Ballinger.”

In her apology video uploaded to her channel yesterday Colleen Ballinger explained she used to message fans earlier in her career, but “didn’t understand that maybe there should be some boundaries.” She sang about the fact she wasn’t going to apologise to “lies and rumours.”

She sang: “Your goal is to ruin the life of the person you despise while you dramatise your lies and monetise their demise. I’m sure you’re disappointed in my s***** little song, I know you wanted me to say that I was 100 per cent in the wrong.”

Colleen Ballinger denied being a “groomer” and instead claimed: “I’m a loser who didn’t understand I shouldn’t respond to fans.”

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